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Parent-Child Home Curriculum


Check out our lessons below which are designed for parents and children to create lasting memories and bond together deeply centered on the topics of love and sex. We want to support you in raising children with the tools needed to create true love centered on God.

See Additional Parent Notes Below!

A Note to Parents...

AGES are recommended. You know your child and where he or she is at developmentally. Feel free to use whatever lesson you feel your child is ready for, even if it's an age group below or above the recommended level of your child. 


LESSONS are interactive and include several different components! So you have a whole month to extend the lesson with the suggested activities. Don't feel rushed. See all parts of the lesson as optional and as a guide for you to have ongoing natural conversations with your child. :)

GROUPS Sprouts- Ages 2-6 /  Kids- Ages 6-11  /  Youth- Ages 11-14  /  Teens- Ages 14-18

VIDEOS: Make sure to check out the videos on our site as they support the lessons in a fun and engaging way! Some videos are designed to guide you as the parent and others for you + your kids to watch together and engage in discussion.

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