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While School of Love is focused on educating our children, check out these amazing partners that are here to support you and your marriage.


High Noon exists to create a culture of sexual integrity, joy, openness, and true sexual intimacy. We provide sustainable pornography recovery, marriage enrichment, and heavenly sex education based on Unification Principles.

Blessed Marriage Project

The Blessed Marriage Project is an independently funded, grassroots initiative by Blessed couples. Offering Energize! Couples Retreats as well as ongoing educational and supportive events and resources for couples.


Based on a commitment to a world of strong marriages and empowered families, the Marriage Blessing has become a worldwide tradition where couples dedicate their marriage to a greater purpose and God. In response to the breakdown of traditional marriage in our world, the Marriage Blessing offers a path to build a world of stronger marriages and healthier families. The Marriage Blessing takes traditional marriage to a higher level of purpose.


The Hyojeong Promise is fueling a generation of individuals who are spiritually fulfilled, have happy families and shape a better world.

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