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"Child of God"

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

SPROUTS ages 2-6. You are a one of a kind, irreplaceable, valuable child of God.


Children will value and appreciate themselves as being a beloved son or daughter of God.

PARENT NOTE: Dear Parent, as your child goes through life, knowing that they are loved and valued by God is most important. Through this foundation, they will look forward to building a relationship with God as they grow. This relationship of faith and trust and God living inside of them, will give them a strong center and help your child make positive choices centered on God their loving Heavenly Parent. Reminder- this lesson is here to help you create moments of bonding and learning together with your child. Use this lesson however you like! Spend one Saturday morning together having Family Time or spread this out over several conversations for the next month.


  • SENSORY: ball or beanbag

  • STORY TIME: God Knows Me by Joel Anderson

  • CRAFT: Oaktag (or construction paper), scissors, tape (or stapler), stickers, markers (or other coloring tools), other fun materials such as pom pom balls and sequins

  • ACTIVITY: smartphone or tablet


Read these scriptures together. Idea: use one as a memory verse!

“God's love is the original giving love; it is the unselfish, agape love.” -Rev. Sun Myung Moon
“Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God…” -Romans 8:39
“You can be so confident as to say that without you God cannot be happy.” - Rev. Sun Myung Moon, A Prophet Speaks Today
“If humankind could have been one with God as our Father, abiding with Him, living with Him in the greatest love, how happy we would have been! And on God’s part, how happy He would have been to live with His true children. God Himself told me that the most basic and central truth of this universe is that God is the Father and we are His children.” -Rev. Sun Myung Moon


This activity is more interesting with 3 or more people, but 2 is just fine.

  • TOSS: Toss a bean bag or small ball back and forth between each other, each time completing the sentence, “___________ is a child of God.” You can simply say each player’s name, but you can also extend to saying family members’ names, friends’ names; anyone from your pastor to your local librarian! Explain that EVERYONE is a child of God! Additional sentences you can use for more description are: “God knows my favorite color is __________”, “God knows I love to ___________”.


You are a one of a kind, irreplaceable, valuable child of God. He created you just exactly the way He wanted you to be. He loves you to the moon and back. Each person is different, so He loves each person differently for exactly who they are, but He loves us all the same amount.


Option 1: Poem

In His Arms by Deborah Ann Belka

In His arms, is where I find peace and rest for heart and mind. I snuggle there, for quite a while after all I am . . . still His child. I curl up, in His loving arms He keeps me safe from all that harms. I feel all warm, cozy and secure His embrace helps me to endure. In His arms, no better place to cuddle up in His grace!

Option 2: Storybook

God Knows Me by Joel Anderson


Read this script to your child like a story time.

You were created by God. Just like your Mother and your Father love you, God loves you. What kinds of things did your parents prepare for you when you were a baby? (A baby nursery- crib, baby toys, books, beautiful paint colors, babyproofing and more!) Just like your parents created a wonderful place for you to feel loved, safe and cozy in as a tiny baby- God created this whole beautiful world, the animals & flowers, for you to enjoy because He loves you!

God loves every person in the world as a parent loves their child. He cares about you so much and He wants you to be so happy and healthy and strong. God knows all about you. He knows what you like to do and what you don’t like to do; He knows what makes you happy and what makes you sad. When you are feeling good, God knows. When you are feeling bad, God knows. He sees everything you do, and it makes Him so happy.

God wants the best for you, just like we do. You can always go to God, your Heavenly Parent, in prayer. Just like you talk to Mommy and Daddy about joys, sadness, curiosity- you can talk to God too! God wants a relationship with you and wants to be there for you. God can protect you and live in your heart and help you make positive choices.


Have your child try to answer first and then you answer as well, sharing about your own experiences growing up.

  • What makes me unique and special as a child of God? What is one of a kind about how I look? What is one of a kind about what I do?

  • If God is my Parent, what does He think about me? How does He feel towards me?

  • How can I make my Parent, God, happy?

  • How can I talk to God?

  • Why is it important to have God in our life?


God made me so special. God loves me the same way my parents love me. He wants to protect me and guide me. I am God’s child and he loves me more than I can imagine!


Dear God, I am Your child and You are my Parent. Thank you for making me. Thank you for caring for me like my parents care for me. Thank you for loving me so much and believing in me. Amen.

Use these activities together with your child over the next month to create ongoing conversations on being a child of God! Click on the blue links!



  • CHILD OF GOD CROWNS: Make paper crowns that read “I Am A Child of God”! Using colored construction paper or oaktag, cut out crown shapes. A free template can be found here: Crown Template. Enjoy decorating the crowns with your child - use crayons, markers and stickers. Optionally glue on objects such as dry pasta, pom pom balls, sequins, etc. Make one for yourself to wear as well (we are all children of God!). Bring the ends of each crown together and fasten them with tape or staples. Bonus! Take pictures together!

  • ALL ABOUT ME PENNANT: Download this free worksheet to complete with your child: All About Me Pennant. Celebrate what makes them unique!


  • APP: Download “Sketch Me” by Bluebear Technologies Ltd. (for Apple devices) or Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon by XnView for Android devices. Have fun taking pictures of your child and having them turned into different types of sketches! Change colors and add designs of your own! Remind your child that they are one of a kind and no one looks like they do. God loves them in a special way different from the way he loves everyone else.


  • MORNING ROUTINE: In your busy morning routine of getting dressed, brushing teeth, going potty, eating breakfast and packing lunches for a day of school or outings- take a moment to say a short prayer; bless your child’s day; or simply give them a big hug and tell them “God loves you!” to kick off your day!

  • NATURE WALK: When going on a walk or playing outside- notice what beautiful things God created for us to enjoy! Notice the simple details of every unique and wonderful Creation, including people.

  • BEDTIME ROUTINE: During bedtime routine, take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for and thank God for those things. You can also teach your child to talk to God about their day and that it’s okay to ask God for help.


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