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"Receiving Our Parents' Love"

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

SPROUTS ages 2-6. Kids- did you know you have your own personal superheroes? Their names are mom and dad. :) And they will always be there for you.

Use this lesson as it fits for your family! Spend a cozy Saturday morning in discussion together using the whole lesson or use parts of this lesson for several conversations throughout the month! There are so many activities to apply and experience the lesson together. You're the parent and know your child best- enjoy making it your own!


My child will understand and value his parents’ love for him. He will understand and appreciate the position of his parents as symbolic representatives of God within the family whom he can trust and depend on.


  • For sensory activity: Photos of your child from birth to now - printed or online!

  • For crafts: Printed family photos, copy paper or construction paper, writing and coloring tools, decorating tools like stickers (optional), large paper for wall art

  • For game: Optionally, your child’s choice of board game, card game, puzzle, etc!


Read these scriptures together. Idea: use one as a memory verse!

“When parents love their children, do they write down everything they bought for the children and say, "It cost this much." When parents love children, they want to give them more than a prince or princess of the world has, and they are sorry that they cannot give enough. Parents are always thinking, "I want to give more, better things to my children." Do you understand? That is why we are fond of our parents’ love. You must know this. Even when they have given, they still feel it was inadequate. Even after they have loved their children, they feel it is not enough and want to love more. Because of this, the nature of parents' love is everlasting love. Do you understand? That is the traditional motivation of the start of love.”

- Sun Myung Moon, Raising Children in God’s Will

What is the value of that child? His value comes from the fact that he is a participant and a part of his parents' love. Our lives depend entirely upon the love of our parents; if our parents did something to exclude us from their love, we would never have existed.

- Sun Myung Moon, The Purpose of Life Coming and Going

“A father’s goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother’s goodness deeper than the sea.”

- Japanese proverb

A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother.

- Proverbs 15:20

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 'Honor your father and mother. (which is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may have a long life on the earth.”…

- Ephesians 6:2, Berean Study Bible


Choose 1:

Go through old photos of your child together:

  • Whether physical or digital. Start from the earliest ones you have (maybe sonogram photos or pregnancy photos if you have) and talk to your child about how you parents prepared and hoped and wished and dreamed of having your beautiful child. Talk in detail about how you felt when you first held her. Explain how much God and your couple loved her and how blessed you felt. As you go through later pictures, talk about how exciting it was to watch your child grow and learn. Share specific experiences. See which ones your child might remember and if any, invite her to relive them with you and talk about what happened and how she felt. Be sure to exude a calm and joyful vibe during this activity to make her feel safe, appreciated, and loved.

Watch one of these song videos together:


Mommy and Daddy were the first people to meet you and to love you. We created you and have watched you grow year after year. We love you with all our hearts and souls. A parent’s love is an incredibly deep love. You should learn about your parent’s love for you and respect us and love us in return!


Read one of the following:

  • “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney

  • “I Love You to the Moon and Back” by Amelia Hepworth

  • “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch


  1. What happened in this story?

  2. What did this story mean to you?

  3. Do you ever feel like [main character]? Do you think your Daddy and Mommy are like [parent in book]?

  4. How much do you think your parents love you?

  5. How do you know your parents love you?

  6. How much do you love your parents?

  7. What are some ways you can show your parents you love them?


Read this script to your child like a story time.

In our big, beautiful world, there are many kinds of love! (Give your child a hug if it is comfortable!) In this lesson, we are learning about the type of love children feel for their parents. A wise man named Rev. Sun Myung Moon teaches about four types of love which he calls “Four Realms of Heart”. The Child’s Realm of Heart means: the way children feel in their hearts about their parents; the way children’s hearts feel when they think about, talk to, and spend time with their parents.

Do you love your parents? We sure love you! Do you know that Mommy and Daddy were once children too? Can you believe it?! I used to be 1, and 3, and 5, and 10, and then I grew and grew and grew to be as big and old as I am now! I still remember when I was little. I had [and still have] parents, too, and I loved them very, very much. They took good care of me.

We should open our hearts to our parents and trust our parents. They love us so much and want the best for us. They want to protect us and give us good things. They want to teach us, help us, and train us to be kind to ourselves and to others. The reason they want to do all of this for us is that they know a lot about life and what will bring us true happiness.

Do you know what the word “receive” means? Receive means to take in. When we are given a gift for our birthday, we receive it. There are different ways we can “receive”. Sometimes we might receive something, but complain about it because we’re in a crabby mood. Imagine if you gave someone a gift. How would you feel if they received it with a warm, happy smile? It would make you feel warm and happy inside, too, right? So, we want to work on receiving things with love and gratitude. Let’s work on opening our hearts and receiving a very special gift: our parents’ love! Imagine opening your arms big and wide and being ready for love to come rushing into your heart! (Optionally, do the motion together.)

Our parents are representatives of God in our lives. This means that God is able to love us and be with us through our parents. Our parents are not God, but they are symbols of God in our lives. The easiest way for us to know what God wants is to think about what our parents want. The best way for us to know what God thinks we should do is to think about what our parents ask us to do. God intends for us to respect and honor our parents. This means we should treat them nicely and follow their directions! What is one way we can treat our parents nicely to show we care about them and respect them? How about being polite and asking, “May I please” when we need something? How about listening the first time when our parents ask us to do something? It is kind and caring to follow directions the first time instead of after Mommy or Daddy tell us five times! (Discuss more ideas together here, or during Discussion time.)

Sometimes, Daddy and Mommy ask you to do things. We tell you what is right and what is wrong. Is it sometimes hard for you to do things Daddy or Mommy tell you you have to do? Is it sometimes hard for you to hear Daddy or Mommy say “No” to you? I understand how you feel! It can be hard to do things you don’t feel like doing, or to be told you CAN’T do something that you REALLY want to do! Grr! But there is always a reason Daddy or Mommy says you can’t do something. We are very smart and have experienced many things in life. We have studied and prayed and we know a lot! We know what kinds of things will keep you safe and protected and what kinds of things may put you in danger.

Daddy and Mommy are like your own personal superheroes that stay by your side every day and guide you and protect you! We know what things will make you feel good and happy and what things will make you feel scared or sad or hurt. (Discuss now or during Discussion portion). So, please remember to always trust in Daddy and Mommy and listen to what we say!

Finally, if you ever have questions or worries, you should come to Mommy or Daddy with these! Mommy or Daddy will explain what you want to know or comfort you if you need comfort. You can always share anything at all with us - your happy feelings, your sad feelings, your nervous feelings, your questions, anything! We love to hear what you are thinking and feeling.


  • What are some ways we can show our parents we love them and care about them?

  • What are some ways we can honor our parents and make their hearts happy?

  • What is something Mommy asks you to do? How does it make you feel? Why do you think Mommy asks you to do that?

  • What is something Daddy asks you to do? How does it make you feel? Why do you think Daddy asks you to do that?

  • How do you think Mommy and Daddy feel when you do what they ask of you?

  • If Daddy or Mommy ask us to do something we don’t like or don’t want to do, should we scream or fight or shout, “No”? How do you think that makes them feel? What should we do instead and why?

  • Discuss some examples of things children shouldn’t do because they are dangerous. Emphasize the specific reason (the physical consequence of something going wrong) as clearly as possible. (For example: keeping away from electrical outlets, matches, long cords, medicines, etc.)

  • What is something you love to do with Daddy?

  • What is something you love to do with Mommy?

  • What is something Mommy can do to make you feel extra special and loved?

  • What is something Daddy can do to make you feel extra special and loved?


God made Parents’ Love the strongest love. Our parents love us more than anyone and anything in the world! They will always do their best to protect us and guide us. We should respect our parents and obey them. This will make God very happy and proud of us!


Thank you, God, for my parents who love me and care for me every day. I know that they will always protect me and do what is best for me. Please help me to honor and follow my parents. Please keep my parents and I safe and healthy.

Use these activities together with your child over the next month to create ongoing conversations on receiving parents' love!


4 Realms of Heart - SOL Animation (This video may need to explained in simpler terms to your child for her clear understanding.)


  • Write a letter or poem to your child about how much you LOVE her and WHY! Give specific details and examples.

  • Go back to revisit an old familiar place, perhaps one that you were reminded of when looking at your old photos during the Sensory Activity. Take time for some heart to heart reminiscing together.

  • Make up a song about your child and sing it together! It could be as simple as inserting their name in an already existing song such as “_____ Had a Little Lamb” or “There was a Mommy had a child and ______ was his name-O!”

  • Build a fort- Who doesn’t love building a fort? Create a fort together and play in it for some quality parent and child (or whole family!) time.


  • Together with your child, make cards for each other expressing your love for each other. Use whatever you have around the house - markers, crayons, construction or copy paper, stickers, etc.

  • Make a collage of old family photos! Add in doodles or cut and pasted illustrations of favorite pastimes, sayings, etc.

  • Make wall art that uses images and words about what is special about your child and why you love him or her. Use large paper and decorate as you wish. This project can be posted in their room, so they can see it daily.


  • Dance Party: Play some of your child’s favorite songs or your favorite childhood songs and dance together!

  • Child’s choice of games: Set up a cozy, comfortable environment and play any of your child’s favorite games together.

  • Simon Says: Give your child directions on what body movements to make, all the while saying “Simon Says” to preface the directions. At various points, skip saying “Simon Says” but continue to do the movement, and see if your child was paying attention! If they do the movement when you have not said “Simon Says”, they’re out! This game is a representation of practicing following directions, listening closely, and paying attention!



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