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"Son or Daughter of God"

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

KIDS ages 6-11 on God's design for boys and girls.


My child will learn that he or she is one in a million, made to be a unique son or daughter of God and about the difference between boys and girls.


Nature items like: seashells, leaves, rocks or flowers. Magnifying glass.


“Suppose there is a perfect machine. If the parts of the machine are the only ones of their kind in the whole world and can neither be obtained nor made again, one part would have a value corresponding to that of the whole machine, however trivial that part may be, because without it the whole machine would not operate. Likewise, the individuality of a perfected man is unique.” -Sun Myung Moon
“Being the best is great, you're the number one. Being unique is greater, you're the only one.” -Anonymous
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." -Psalm 139:14
“God created man and woman as His son and daughter. He wants to see Himself in human beings. Therefore, the Bible says, " ... God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." ...Man is the mirror of the living God, and His every virtue, characteristic and quality is reflected in this mirror. God surely wants man to reflect His love, life, and ideal. Man is the fruit of God's love, life, and ideal.” -Sun Myung Moon


Show your child a handful of nature- like seashells, leaves, flower petals or rocks. Look closely with a magnifying glass. Have your child take a look and make their observations about their differences and what makes them each unique. (color, size, texture, pattern etc)


What do you notice? Each leaf is unique- no two are the exact same! And it’s the same with you! Out of the billions of people in the world, you are special and unique to God, our Heavenly Parent. No two people in the whole world are the same, even twins have differences. You are valued and loved by God in a special way, as His son or daughter.


Watch this video together and read the script to your child like a storytime.

WATCH VIDEO: "God's Story: God Made People" by Crossroads Kids' Club


God made this beautiful world for us out of His love. He had a clear purpose behind everything that was created, especially us. When you look at Creation, you notice that everything is designed in pairs. Flowers have stamen and pistil. Animals are made in pairs of boys and girls too. Just for fun, let’s see if you can guess which animal I’m talking about by telling you the names of the boy and girl animal. (Example: Say "Rooster & Hen" your child will guess "Chickens!"

"Lioness & Lion" (Lions)

"Rooster & Hen" (Chickens)

"Doe & Buck" (Deer)

"Jenny & Jack" (Donkeys)

"Nanny & Billy" (Goats)f

"Mare & Stallion" (Horses)

"Sow & Boar" (Pigs)

Did you know that just like the animals, God created humans in pairs too? God called them "Male & Female"- boys & girls. We are made in God’s image- male and female. If we are made in God’s image- He must also have male and female characteristics- that is why we can refer to God as our Heavenly Parent. We are His children- sons and daughters of God. God waited a long time after creating the sun, moon and stars; ocean, land and mountains; plants and animals to make us humans- His most precious children. He breathed into us our Spirit and filled our hearts with love. He gave us our body to grow and experience life! This is very special.

God made boys and girls different, unique and beautiful in their own special way. It is all a part of God’s greater plan for Creation and family. What are some ways God made boys and girls different? There is one very distinct difference. When you look at Adam, which part of his body did he cover? His leaf covered his private area called his penis. When you look at Eve, which part of her body did she cover? She had 2 leaves. The first leaf also covers her private area, called a vagina. The second leaf covers her chest (which will later grow into breasts in order to feed milk to future babies). Both of these areas are private for girls.

Our private areas are places on our body that set apart boys from girls. (You may have your own special name for it, but it's good to learn the proper names.) God made us different for a special purpose. We each serve our own unique role. It’s important to treat our body as holy and take good care of it and keep it clean, especially our private areas. While we keep our private areas to ourselves, it is okay to talk about it together- as it's all a part of how we were designed. If you ever have any questions about any part of your body, it is okay to ask me. I will be here.

God created us in His image. Humans were created to be in pairs- male and female. Your body was perfectly crafted by God from your head to your toes! You are also unique not only in how you look physically but also in your personality and character. The passions (interests) you have & your talents (things you’re really good at) make you- YOU! And God is so excited to see you grow and learn and develop into who you are as His son or daughter.


  • What makes you unique? What are your talents & hobbies?

  • If you are a mirror of God, what can you learn about God through yourself?

  • How does it make you feel to be a son or daughter of God?

  • What do you appreciate about being made a girl? Or a boy?

  • Besides your private parts, what is different about boys and girls? In what ways are we the same? What are our different roles?

  • How can you take good care of your body? Why should we treat our body as holy?


God made you in His image, male and female. You are a beautiful and loved son or daughter of your parents. One day you will grow into a mature man or woman and get married and become a husband or wife and eventually a dad or mom! Just as your parents love you, so does God- you are God’s special son or daughter. God loves you as His child and has a special plan for your life. God loves you just the way you are- because you are a beautiful reflection of a unique aspect of God. Never forget that!


Dear God, thank you for making (child’s name) who is such a beautiful child of yours. Thank you for making us in your image and for loving us no matter what. We’re so grateful to be your sons and daughters and we want to appreciate the body you gave us and take good care of it. We love you God. Thank you!

Use these activities together with your child over the next month to create ongoing conversations on God's special design for boys and girls! Click on the blue links!


Can't Stop the Feeling! Trolls dance Video


Made in Pairs by School of Love




FAVORITES- Try to learn and experience each other's favorite activities together! For example, If mom loves to bake- bake together. If dad loves to watch football- go to a local football game as a family. Paint together, build something or play a sport together.

FATHER & SON OUTING- Have a special Father (or uncle, grandfather, male role model) and son outing. Go camping together, play mini golf, go on a hike, play sports, fly a kite, go fishing. Enjoy special time together celebrating God's creation of boys.

MOTHER & DAUGHTER OUTING- Have a special Mother (or aunt, grandma, female role model) and daughter outing. Go to a spa together, on a picnic, garden together, dress up together, have a tea party, make crafts, bake, go on a nature outing. Enjoy special time together celebrating God's creation of girls.


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