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Family is the


School of Love.

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At SOL We Believe...

Your child's learning begins in the home.

You are your child's first teacher and we are here to help you. 

"We are born in the bosom of the family and we grow within the family. The family is our origin, our starting point and our school of love."
- Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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We hope that:


Learn and experience God’s intention, beauty and sacredness of their own bodies. That your child feels comfortable and willing to go to you. Through School of Love we will provide a space for you to openly, proudly and effectively talk about a new culture of love, sex, purity, relationships, and marriage together from childhood through adulthood.

We hope that:


Have the information, skills, and support to empower their children in preparation for creating a radiant blessed family in a sexualized world. That together parents and children cultivate a culture of love, non-judgement, honesty, support and belonging. And that you can confidently and compassionately navigate the challenges of creating a radiant blessed family.



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